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Fresh Pine Trees ThermoH Logo Candle

MAKE YOUR DAY & NIGHT MORE EXCITING - Boost your mood every time you see your Sunkiss Candle change color and smell the fresh Pacific Northwest Pine candle scent...... 2 DESIGNS IN 1 CANDLE!


BEFORE COLOR CHANGE - Before you light your candle you will see a black tree forest silhouette


DURING COLOR CHANGE - As your candle burns down, the hot wax and candle flame will cause the trees to change color!

AFTER COLOR CHANGE - Once the color changing phenomenon is complete you will now see green trees on your brand new candle!


Note - First color change will take a little longer (30-60 minutes) during the first candle burn since the candle flame starts above the candle holder. Future color changes will happen quicker once the candle burns down

Second Note - If you are buying a Sunkiss ThermoH Candle in the summer, keep an eye on the tracking number/delivery date so you can try to grab the package as soon as possible after it is delivered. Try to avoid letting the package sit outside for too long in the hot weather or a hot mailbox to prevent potential meltage

Fresh Pine Trees ThermoH Logo Candle

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    - Heat Sensitive Candle

    - Scent: PNW Pine

    - Design changes color when wax is hot and melts down

    - Design wraps around entire candle holder

    - Thermochromic color changing ink

    - Wooden Wick – Creates a slightly larger flame and campfire feel

    - Amaze family, friends, kids, co-workers and allow them to witness "magic" right before their own eyes!

    - The Perfect Gift!


    Reusable as a Sunkiss Color Changing Cup! Once Candle Has Burned Through, Reuse the Candle Holder as a Sunkiss Color Changing Cup. Hot Beverages Will Also Cause the Designs/Logos to Change Color. 

    - For More Details on Cleaning & Care Instructions:

    Special Care Instructions:

    - Always Place Candle on a Level, Heat Resistant Surface

    - Never Touch or Move While Lit, or Until Wax Re-Hardens

    - Keep Out of the Reach of Children and Pets

    - Keep Away From Things That Catch Fire

    - Allow Candle to Cool Before Touching or Moving

    - First Burn Should Last Until Melted Wax Covers Entire Surface

    - Burn for No Longer Than 4 Hours at a Time

    - Stop Burning Candle When Only 1/4'' of Wax Remains

    - Glass Will be Hot During and After Use

    - Burn Candle Within Sight

    - Please Be Careful When Hot

    - Candle Tunneling? Check out our FAQs for a Quick & Easy Fix:

    Product Details:

    - 8 oz candle wax/10 Fl oz candle holder

    - 35 Hour Burn Time

    - Glass Candle Holder

    - Soy Wax

    - BPA/Lead Free

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