nashville tennessee skyline color changing coffee mug

MAKE YOUR MORNING MORE EXCITING - Start off your day the right way when you drink your early morning coffee or tea with a Sunkiss ThermoH Exray Color Changing Mug. Or give yourself a well-deserved break at work and enjoy the color changing wonder. Boost your mood every time you drink out of a Sunkiss mug...... 2 DESIGNS IN 1 MUG!


BEFORE COLOR CHANGE - Before pouring a hot beverage into your mug you will get a sneak peek of the Nashville Skyline by way of exray inside the outline of the lettering.


DURING COLOR CHANGE - As your mug begins to fill with your hot drink the rest of the Nashville Skyline will slowly reveal itself!


AFTER COLOR CHANGE - Once the color changing phenomenon is complete you will be able to enjoy your drink while admiring the Batman Building, Riverfront Park, Cumberland River, and the rest of the beautiful Nashville Skyline on your brand new mug!

Nashville Skyline ThermoH Exray Coffee Mug

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    - Heat Sensitive Cup

    - The Perfect Gift!

    - Always Know Whether Your Drink is Hot or Cold

    - Enjoy the Nashville Skyline at Home or Work

    - Perfect for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, or Your Favorite Hot Beverage

    - Amaze family, friends, kids, co-workers and allow them to witness "magic" right before their own eyes!



    Special Care Instructions:

    - Wash Before First Use

    - Hand Wash ONLY - Gently wash outside of mug with soft sponge or simply with just water and soapsuds to preserve color changing print.

    - Avoid using tough or rough cleaning tools on outside of mug.

    - Avoid scratching mug with sharp objects or picking at design to help maintain color changing print

    - Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe! - Due to the sensitive nature of the color changing print

    - Please Be Careful When Hot


    Product Details:

    - 11 Fl oz/325 ML
    - Ceramic Mug

    - Heat Sensitive Mug
    - BPA/Lead Free
    - Hot liquid needs to be a minimum temperature of 49°C/120°F in order for mug to change colors
    - Recommended temperature is boiling point 71°C/160°F for optimal color changing
    - From up close you may faintly see part of design underneath black ink before color change
    - Lettering will stay faintly visible as part of the after color changing design